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Kids Bedroom Storage is NOT under the Bed


We have all been there,  Got moaned at, Shouted at by our parents when we were little to “Go and Tidy your room”

Stomped up the stairs as LOUD!! as possible to show our unfair misfortune of being told to get that room sorted out,

You would do these type of things,

  • Sit and mumble about it and not do much about tidying it up, (Risk of Heavy footsteps coming up to check) “Red Alert”
  • Discover an old Homework Jotter that must be handed in so you had to do it, (Ok it’s 4 years old) But the parents don’t know that!
  • Do a lot of walking back and Forth and move things about – But not actually doing anything,
  • Find hidden treasures that have been long since lost and forget about tidying,
  • Stuff  as much as possible into anything remotely storage looking – Wardrobes – Cupboards – Drawers etc.,
  • OR.. The most popular one- Chuck it all under the bed ,


Oh Yes! Chuck it all under the bed, If the floor looks clear Mum will think I’ve done a Great Job!!

We can help with your kids bedroom storage problems 

When you have a proper look at your children’s bedrooms, One thing that becomes very clear “Where has it all come from”

Most kids are keepers, you will know this when you go and try and sort it all out for them, “Mum don’t throw that out, I NEED THAT!”Lorry ofloading Junk

What they need is a few storage solutions!

Even though the kids think what they have in their bedrooms is priceless, You Know it is just Junk that needs throwing out!

For all the good stuff though, It’s important that it’s in a handy place that feels clutter free and tidy when the room is sorted out!

As always, the best time to have a kids bedroom clear out is when they are at School,

Insert Evil laugh here >[:Evil laugh:]

We have lots of storage ideas to help you finally discover a real tidy child’s bedroom,

If your kids love dressing up games a handy lightweight and portable Children’s wardrobe is great for hanging up all the super-hero outfits or Disney Princess dresses,

Boys could have a great looking Spiderman Wardrobe to store all the Spidey Suits for the next time he saves the City from all evil,boys spiderman wardrobe

Who is the messiest Boys or Girls? 

We would take a guess at Boys, They seem to collect the most things and store everything in their room,

When we say Most Things, We really mean everything they can find..

So having essential storage for things like Books can be really handy for bedtime reading,

Just fill up your Children’s Bookcase with all their favourite books and magazines and place it handy next to their bed is fantastic and neat !

Just a few things that can help sort a boys room out, Well saves it from being shoved under the bed doesn’t it?

We also have some stunning bedroom furniture storage available for girls to enjoy and keep everything nice and neatly put away,

Character theme Bedroom furniture and accessories is what we do,

So with all the kids favourites available we are sure you’ll find your child’s favourite character,

All of our products are 100% Officially Licensed from the leading UK manufacturers, peppa Pig Toy BoxSo basically what you would see in your local High Street shops is the exact same products that we sell at WolfStock UK ,

We have so many great ideas for storage, Bedroom furniture themes and the very best Wall Decor products you’ll find,

Infact we don’t even stop there.

What then?

You’ll just have to come along and see us to find out about our full collection,

So for all your bedroom storage needs come and see us for a fast, Friendly Service that you’ll love.

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admin Hi my name is George, have the usual family squad, 4 Kids and a servant, (oops i mean other half, "Hello Shirley") , That's who i run the business with, Oh and the 4 Kids, who are always checking out the latest things we have in our shop, So if you like what you read here, Go check out our website, maybe find a bargain or two.George Buchan

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